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Face your fears at Madog’s Asylum, the only thing you have to lose is your mind…

This gory room will take you back to 1963 and Dr G Williams has imprisoned one of your teammates! You enter the room to rescue them, but he locks you all in! He then sets fire to the building in hope of destroying all incriminating evidence of his experimental lobotomies and electroshock therapy treatments. You have 1 hour to escape his office before fire engulfs the building with you and your team inside.

Capacity… 1-6
Success rate… 64%
Age… 13+

we have self-classified this room as PG13 due to gore, violence and intensity but parental discretion is advised.

The local circus has come to town, so you and your friends have booked to see the famous fortune-teller, Madame Morgana. When you arrive at her parlour she is nowhere to be found! Unexpectedly, you hear her voice. She has found a way to communicate through her crystal ball! She tells you a rival fortune teller has cursed her to a parallel universe! The only thing that will break the gypsy curse is an incantation from her precious book of spells. You have 60 minutes to find Madame Morgana’s spell book and chant the correct verse before she is lost forever!

Her fate is in your hands…

Capacity… 1-4
Success rate… 78%
Age… 8+

Twas the night before Christmas, and in Santa’s house, one creature was stirring, but it wasn’t a mouse!
The chaos was coming from a naughty little elf, he wanted to keep all the presents for himself!
He’s set up lot’s of puzzles and padlocks in a room, and he’s hidden Santa’s sleigh key in a box, I presume?
I heard Santa cry “I can’t deliver these presents! this situation is manic, help me save Christmas but remember… don’t PanIQ!”

Capacity… 1-4
Success rate… 71%
Age… 8+

A full-size doll’s house portable escape room, hand crafted and delivered to your front doorstep! Unfortunately, your favourite grandad has passed away, you and your family have the burden of cleaning out his attic. But as you do you find a dolls house, handmade by him, with a letter explaining how he has locked the valuable family heirloom inside the doll’s house. It is your task to solve puzzles and decipher codes to get to the family heirloom.

(Unfortunately, the puzzles in this game do not translate well and is currently only available to play in English)

Capacity… 1-6
Success rate… 98%
Age… 8+

An escape room offers a great opportunity to get out with friends, family, work colleagues, or even a first date! The escape room game forces people to work together and communicate to reach the shared goal to escape. Without the distractions of phones and outside interactions, people really get to know their teammates and discover more about them. People not only find out about the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates but also of their own qualities, you could learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

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