An escape room offers a fun alternative to conference rooms and dull icebreakers. They take people away from the familiar business environment and immerse them in a fantasy world where every player is on an equal footing. To successfully complete a game, players need to be able to work together, communicate, and share information and ideas. Just like in a successful business! 

But, we don’t just do corporate events you can hire us for weddings, birthdays, and schools…. Basically, any event you can think of we can cater for, even if it’s your pet cat’s birthday!

Because we can only fit a maximum of 6 players at any one time in our high street location, we have designed games that we can bring to you. We have packages suitable for 40 players up to 120 players, with prices starting at as little as £4 per person! However, if you have something else in mind, whether it’s a scavenger hunt, proposal or an announcement we can work with you on any project. 

Please get in touch for pricing information and to get a bespoke quote.

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