Is the game safe?

At PanIQ Rooms we take the players safety as highest priority. The room is only locked for effect you WILL be able to open the doors at any time if there is an emergency. Our gamemasters always monitor the game to ensure the players well-being. Any actors are professionals that are trained to respect your personal boundaries.
Additionally all electronics and fittings are certified and regularly checked and approved by the correct authorities.

Can I go for pre-drinks?

For safety reasons you are not allowed to play the game if you are intoxicated. If you are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will be refused entry and we will not refund your game. But do not worry, we make sure that the excitement of the experience will cause a natural high.

Can I play if I am pregnant, or have disabilities?

Unfortunately, due to the age of the building the corridors are not currently wheelchair accessible and we do not have any disabled facilities. But we would like everyone to be able to join in with the games so we will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests that may facilitate you, such as putting a ramp up to the front door. Please call or email to discuss this before making a booking.

The games can have a few intense moments and may require you to be able to crawl, use steps and be put in claustrophobic uncompromising positions (The room information will be more descriptive). Additionally, you might not be able to sit down for around 60 minutes, however there is a chair in each room. Everyone can play at PanIQ Rooms at their own risk, we believe that you know best what you are capable of, so we let you decide but we encourage you to not take unnecessary risks. Please contact us if you have more questions.

Is it scary?

We try to please everyone that would like to visit PanIQ Rooms so we always aim to have a smaller family friendly room and our main room which will always be a little more sinister, but remember it is only a story and you will not really die! We chose to have our main room as a scary theme because fear is one of the strongest emotion’s humans have, people remember being scared or laughing at their friend screaming, players will talk about fear for weeks to come.

The description of each room is on the homepage so you will know what to expect before you book. Bearing in mind we can adjust special effects to suit your requirements. If scariness is a cause for concern or you require any more information, please contact us.

Is there an age restriction?

CHILDREN (UNDER 14) MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT (18+ YEARS), the adult must be a paying member of the group and the group size must not exceed the maximum number advertised for the room. Any person under 18 must have permission to attend. They must print and bring a signed copy of the terms and conditions from a parent or a legal guardian.

MOST PEOPLE THAT PLAY ESCAPE ROOMS ARE ADULTS so the puzzles in our escape rooms are designed with this in mind.​ Our games are not designed for groups where the majority of players are under 14. Therefor we do not offer any children’s prices or party packages. But, children do enjoy playing escape rooms and it’s great for them to be involved as part of a larger family group.  Each room will recommend what age it is suitable for as some material may be visually inappropriate for those under that stated age.


Do we have to have a team photo taken?

At the end of the game, we like to take a photo for our social media of team times. This photo will be posted on social media for you to like, share and tag yourselves in. We never sell images or pass them onto any other third parties and they will not be used for marketing purposes without your permission. If you do not want your photo taken, you do not have to, it is not compulsory. If you want your photo to be removed from social media later, please let us know and we can sort it.

How do I book?

You can book online via our website. Once you select an available time slot you will have 20 minutes to complete the payment to secure the booking. If we have any last-minute cancellations, they will be advertised on our Facebook page.

Can I cancel my booking or reschedule?

The escape rooms are live games and have a live booking system. Once a booking is confirmed we will only accept cancellations at least 7 days before your booking to receive a full refund (A 3.7% administration fee will be applied to any alteration). If your cancellation falls outside the 7-day grace period, no refund will be given but we will endeavour to rearrange your booking wherever possible.


Can I add extra players to my booking?

You are welcome to bring extra people to join your game as long as the total number of players does not exceed the rooms maximum capacity. Extra players will need to pay £20 on arrival and be aware of the terms and conditions you have agreed to on their behalf.

Can I use my phone in the room?

Phones are allowed in the room, but NO photos or videos are allowed to be taken inside. We also ask that you do not reveal any of the tricks, puzzles or solutions to your friends or family or the public as they may wish to play in the future, and it will spoil it for them.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, although we do advise casual wear. If you wear glasses DON’T FORGET THEM!

Do you have any refreshments or washroom facilities?

Unfortunately, we currently have no refreshments or facilities on site. The whole experience will take no longer than 1hr 30 min so please plan accordingly.

Where is PanIQ Rooms?

You can find your escape room experience at PanIQ Rooms main shop, the address is-

90 Stryd Fawr



LL49 9NW